Created In Memory of my late daughter, Jolie Bloom is a soulful handmade eco luxury skincare brand for new and expectant mommies.

In 2011, my husband and I were overjoyed when we learned that we were expecting our first child. We named our daughter Jolie and couldn’t wait to meet the little person that I was carrying. Like most first time parents, we’d often sit in bed and wonder what her personality would be like and what she’d want to be when she grew up. Unexpectedly, we met her much sooner than planned as she was born extremely premature. Just a few hours after making her debut into the world, our tiny baby girl went to Heaven.

Though this was a dark time in our lives, we eventually decided that we would not live in fear or give up our dream of becoming parents. Although we are still not quite sure what happened during my pregnancy with Jolie, doctors advised me to get in the best health possible in preparation for expanding our family again. It was at this time that I decided to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Although eating well and exercising were making a difference, I didn’t feel that was enough for me.

As a certified skincare specialist, former assistant celebrity makeup artist and Lifestyle Blogger, I’d racked up quite the beauty product collection. However, all of a sudden I was perplexed by the ingredients in my everyday products, and quite disgusted by the others. I switched to non-toxic brands, and my passion only intensified when I became pregnant with my son Grey. Though I dabbled in product making while in school, motherhood reignited that passion. I began formulating and creating healthy and skin loving products for our little family.

Combining my penchant for beauty and longing to find a way to honor our daughter in a meaningful way, Jolie Bloom was born. Handcrafted in small batches, our eco-luxe line of products are as helpful as they are sustainable. Since launching on Jolie’s 3rd birthday (7.2.14), Jolie Bloom has gone on to being invited to participate in “The Boom Boom Room” Celebrity Gifting Suite for the Oscars in Beverly Hills and has raised money for March of Dimes, a charity which funds research that will hopefully end premature births. Additionally, Jolie Bloom was named a New Year Must Have by Hollywood actress Tori Spelling. We’ve cultivated a following on social media called #TheJolieBloomCrew which has been instrumental in our growing success. Most recently, we shared our story in The Huffington Post!

What Makes Us Different?



Before making products at home for myself, my son and my husband, I quickly grew frustrated with buying different personal care for each of us. It was time consuming, expensive and took up too much shelf space. Jolie Bloom products can be used on babies to adults, which helps you to provide high quality natural products that your entire household can use. This cuts down on clutter, expense and the most valuable thing of all – time. Here at Jolie Bloom we also pride ourselves on creating beautiful packaging that you will be proud to display in your bedroom or bathroom.

Most importantly, not only are our products beautiful but extremely helpful for quite a few skin ailments as well. Due to the potency of our formulas, our products are able to add an intense amount of moisture without feeling greasy. This is wonderful while our skin stretches and goes through numerous changes during pregnancy. Visit our shop for more details.


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