5 Quick Ways To Tame Acne The Natural Way


I’ve been suffering with acne since I was 8 years old. I’ve tried everything under the sun from medications, to spa treatments and at home remedies – I’ve done it all. One of the things that I have learned during my life time of treating acne, is that it can sometimes be rectified without the use of […]

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Tameka’s Corner: JOLIE BLOOM Product Review


One of my favorite parts of JOLIE BLOOM is hearing your responses about our products. There is something so special about making something by hand and having people react so positively to what you’ve put your heart & soul into. In this particular video, Tameka shares her thoughts on quite a few of our products, […]

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Why You Should Use Oil To Moisturize Your Face And Body

Benefits Of Using Oil On Your Face and Body

  Growing up with greasy and acne prone skin, I thought that oil was the enemy. I made sure to avoid it all costs! That was until I went to skincare school and learned that my mindset around oil was all wrong! I discovered that the only thing that could break oil, was oil. Since then, I […]

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9 Ways To Practice Self Care Now


When many people think of self care, they think of making the time to take a bath instead of a shower, or treating themselves to luxurious bodycare products. While treating yourself is certainly apart of taking care of yourself, self care covers your mental, physical and emotional being. There are many paths to self care […]

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7 Benefits Of Using Coffee On Your Skin

The Benefits Of Using Coffee On Your Skin

For many people I know, coffee is a necessity to get their bodies moving and brain pumping each morning. I’ve learned to not even make eye contact until they’ve had their first cup of jo. While I don’t share the same morning routine, I do have my own penchant for coffee. You see, coffee grounds […]

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A Personal Note: My “Why”


I’ve wanted to be a business owner for as far back as I can remember. Growing up in Jamaica, my mom owned her own drapery business that she ran from our home. Her client roster grew so large that my dad eventually decided to renovate our house so that she would have a separate area […]

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Lavender Essential Oil Benefits For Skin


Essential Oils are all the rage right now and for good reason. They pack a myriad of benefits and there’s one (or several) for just about every ailment out there. Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most popular because it can be used for many common day occurrences. From helping you sleep better. to […]

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5 Steps To Get Your Skin Fall Ready With Jolie Bloom


Can you believe it? Summer is almost over! As I sit and think about the amazing memories I’ve created with my family over these last few months, I can’t believe that it’s almost time to start brainstorming our Fall activities. With the change of weather also comes the chance to make adjustments to our skincare routines. […]

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